CNC Quilter

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ABM International, Inc. manufactures the world's highest production, lowest cost mini CNC computerized quilting machine. With just one operator, the CNC QUILTER can quilt virtually any product up to 48" x 32".  This machine is great for quilted furniture, cushions, marine, aerospace and apparel materials.  It can quilt leather and vinyl backed by high density poly foam material up to 5/8” thick.   It features three-axis digital brush less servo control, providing superior quality patterns, ease of pattern and size changes, and low maintenance operation. Utilizing the unique CNC Quilter material frame system, one operator stretches and racks the materials while the machine simultaneously quilts another panel.

The CNC quilter by ABM is very unique in the way it is programmed.  All other brands of machines on the market cannot assemble the fixture path to the stitching path.  This means that the user simply draws a 2d stitching pattern and loads it into the machine.  There is no easy way of programming obstacles or "no sew" moves around clamps or other obstacles on the inner perimeter of the fixture.  Since competitors machines are not intelligent they will crash the fixture with the presser foot.  The CNC Quilter by ABM is intelligent. The user inputs a 2d drawing of the fixture and a 2d drawing of the stitching pattern.  The machine will scan the fixture drawing and the pattern drawing and alert the engineer of any potential hazards or collision points.  Then the engineer can easily set the "no sew" path around the objects or clamps.  This is critical if sewing shapes other than rectangles and for sewing lines up to the edge of the fabric whereas the next move needs to be around an obstacle.  Then the fixtures and its coordinating patterns are saved in the database.  When a machine operator inserts a fixture into the machine, the bar code on the fixture automatically pulls up the stitching patterns designed to fit that fixture.  Eliminating the potential for the machine operator to crash the machine.