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Automotive Quilting Machine 

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  • Automotive interiors made easy. 

  • Production seats, luxury headliners, custom floor mats.

  • Easy to use programmable pattern sewing machines.

  • Custom Quilting Machines built in the USA.

  • Quilt the largest panel size in the USA: 64"x32."

  • The best automotive quilter made in Texas.


ABM International, Inc. manufactures the world's highest production, lowest cost mini CNC computerized quilting machine. With just one operator, the CNC QUILTER can quilt virtually any product up to 1625.6mm x 812.8mm or 64" x 32".  This machine is great for quilted furniture, cushions, marine, aerospace and apparel materials. It can quilt leather and vinyl backed by high density poly foam material up to 5/8” thick. It features three-axis digital brushless servo control, providing superior quality patterns, ease of pattern and size changes, and low maintenance operation. Utilizing the unique CNC Quilter material frame system, one operator stretches and racks the materials while the machine simultaneously quilts another panel. Programmabel pattern sewing at it's finest. 



Sew Screen

View your pattern within a frame.

  • 24/7 Customer Support.

  • Easily Run patterns using any .dxf file.

  • Remote access support with TeamViewer.

  • Over 80 Years of Quilting experience.