CLSR-X1 Closing Machine

Category: Closing Machines

ABM International, Inc. introduces the world's first fully automatic comforter bag closing machine. The CLSR-X1 ENCLOSER completely eliminates the need for the conventional closing operators. The CLSR-X1 ENCLOSER is manually loaded by the filling machine operator. The machine automatically grips, stretches and positions the comforter bag for end closing. In addition, it automatically senses the size of a comforter bag, indexes into the sewing position, engages the end of the bag and creates the standard French hem while sewing the bag closed. Finally, the CLSR-X1 ENCLOSER has been designed with our exclusive automatic label inserter. These features together eliminate operator training, turnover, labor and off quality products. In fact, because of its speed and vast automation, the CLSR-X1 ENCLOSER eliminates as many as three people per shift.