Panel Cutting Machines

ABM International offers the following product lines of panel cutting machines:

  • BC-2000 Panel Cutting Machine
  • BC-4000 Panel Cutting Machine
  • XZR-7000 Panel Cutting Machine

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ABM International, Inc. presents a revolutionary Batt Cutting and Comforter filling machine. Our line of fully automatic fiber cutting and comforter filling machines offer: Incredible speed and accuracy, Precision engineering,…
The BC-4000 can be used to cut fiber, foam, or thick quilted materials. Our BC-4000 Panel Cutter is extremely user friendly and allows for the operator to enter cut lengths…
ABM International, Inc. has spent many years developing the fastest, most versatile and easiest to operate panel cutter. The XZR-7000 Panel Cutter automatically unwinds, pulls, slits and cross cuts desired…