Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine

ABM CNC Quilter 48"x32"

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  • Customize Auto Interiors with Ease

  • Programmable Pattern Sewing for First Class Executive Jet Seats

  • Upscale Any Piece of Furniture

  • Create Commercial Aircraft Seat Covers

C8 Corvette headliner

C8 Corvette Headliner




 ABM International, Inc. manufactures the world's highest production, lowest cost mini CNC computerized quilting machine. With just one operator, the CNC QUILTER can quilt virtually any product up to 1200mm x 800mm or 48" x 32".  This machine is great for quilted furniture, cushions, marine, aerospace and apparel materials. It can quilt leather and vinyl backed by high density poly foam material up to 5/8” thick. It features three-axis digital brushless servo control, providing superior quality patterns, ease of pattern and size changes, and low maintenance operation. Utilizing the unique CNC Quilter material frame system, one operator stretches and racks the materials while the machine simultaneously quilts another panel. Programmable pattern sewing at it's finest. 



Sew Screen

View your pattern within a frame.



Tech Specs

  • HMI industrial grade interface touch panel
  • Industrial grade PC running Windows 10 embedded operating system
  • 64GB solid state drive
  • USB 3.0
  • Max. axis speed: 1,000 IPM
  • Max. sewing speed: 3,000 SPM
  • 5-20 stitches per inch in continuous mode
  • 2 – 14 Stitches per inch in intermittent mode
  • 0.05mm – 12.7 mm Stitch length
  • Large style “M” bobbin




  • 740-watt high speed Sercos based AC digital servo motors and drives
  • Industrial embedded PC with Windows 10 based operating system
  • Color touch screen operator interface
  • Self-diagnostics system
  • Highspeed lockstitch industrial sewing machine
  • Underbed thread trimmer
  • Thread break detection
  • Thread break recovery system
  • High speed Sercos based digital servo motors and drives
  • X/Y movement by low maintenance ball screw actuators
  • Custom frames with toggle hold down clamps
  • Machine can handle multiple frames of varying sizes
  • Maximum machine stroke is 1200mm x 800mm or 48” x 32”
  • Tack and jump capabilities
  • Machines pattern files are either .dxf or .pat
  • 4-year standard machine warranty
  • 25+ FREE patterns included
  • Optional state of the art vision system to sew perforated materials
  • Optional Safety Light Curtain
  • Optional Safety Gating
  • Optional Automatic Bobbin Changer




  • The Sewing Head (a fully controlled computer quilting system) is capable of sewing any pattern design
  • A color Touch Screen user interface using an embedded industrial computer processor allows for user-friendly operation
  • Equipped with a frame capable of holding a product flat and properly tensioned
  • Underbed thread trimmer trims both top and bottom threads simultaneously
  • Bar code system easily tracks production and makes certain the correct frame and pattern match
  • Self-diagnostics system makes troubleshooting and maintenance a breeze
  • Digital AC servo motors and drives are maintenance free and last for many years
  • Ball screws for linear motion require no adjustments and make the CNC Quilter the standard of the industry
  • The user inputs a .dxf of the fixture and stitching pattern. The machine will scan the  fixture and pattern drawings and alert the user of collision points. The user can easily set the “no sew” path around the objects or clamps in the needle path. This is required when stitching lines up to the edge of the fabric if the machine needs to move around a clamp without stitching. Then the fixtures and its coordinating patterns are linked and saved in the database
  • Automatic lubrication system, automatically lubricates all major components of the sewing machine
  • The CNC Quilter is the workhorse of the industry and will give you many years of maintenance free operation
  • U.S. Technicians available 24/7 for remote login and online support
  • Regional based factory trained technicians are available for installation, and after sales service at your location
  • The only brand in the industry with FREE remote access support with TeamViewer
  • Over 80 Years of Quilting experience
  • Access our corporate design team to draw patterns for you
  • Easily run patterns using any .dxf file from programs like AutoCAD, BobCAD, DraftSight, Rhino, SOLIDWORKS, & many more
  • FREE 24/7 Customer Support


Optional Embroidery Software

ABM CNC Quilter Embroidery

  • Uprade your machine with Embroidery
  • Patented Software
  • Logos
  • Ultra High End Design Patterns

CNC Quilter Embroidery


Machine Stroke: 48”x32” | 1200mm x 800mm

  • Required power: 208v 10 AMP single phase 50/60 cycle
  • Pneumatic: 100 psi minimum air pressure
  • Linear Actuator: Ball Screw
  • Machine Floor Space: 9’2” x 7’4”
  • Weight: approximately 1,900 lbs 


Standard Fixture Size

  • Material Size: 48"x32"
  • Interior Dimensions: 45.5"x29.5"
  • Outside Dimensions: 55.24"x39.5"

*Custom Fixture Sizes Available

Fixture 2 600