Trouble Shooting & FAQ

I am considering purchasing the Innova 26" and I have a question regarding repair or replacement parts. If something needs repair how and where does that happen? Is the unit sent back to Houston? Is it repaired on site? Do you use 3rd party for repairs? What is the turn around time for repairs? Thank you Sherry

Repair steps:

  1. Call our 800 number for technical assistance 24 hours per day 7 days per week, and attempt to make the adjustment yourself.
  2. Take the machine back to your local dealer or ask your dealer to come to you.
  3. ABM has factory trained technicians that live in different parts of the United States that available to travel to you, charges may apply.
  4. Ship your machine back to the factory.

Where is ABM International's main headquarters located?

ABM International's main headquarters is located in Houston, Texas.

Where is the closest distributor to where I live?

Please visit our ABM International Markets and Agents page or our Home Quilting Dealer Locations page for more information on distributors and dealers near you.