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ABM International, Inc. proudly presents the world's most efficient and cost-effective CNC computerized quilting machines.

ABM International, Inc. proudly presents the world’s most efficient and cost-effective CNC computerized quilting machines. The CNC Quilter, designed for optimal production, empowers a single operator to quilt a diverse range of products, up to 54”x 36”, ideal for applications such as quilted furniture, cushions, marine, aircraft, and apparel materials. Capable of quilting leather and vinyl backed by high-density poly foam material up to 5/8” thick, it boasts a three-axis digital brushless servo control, ensuring superior pattern quality, seamless pattern and size changes, and hassle-free maintenance. The innovative CNC Quilter material frame system allows one operator to stretch and rack materials while the machine simultaneously quilts another panel, showcasing programmable pattern sewing at its finest.

CNC Quilter 1732

  • 17” x 32” | 400mm x 800mm
  • Required Power: 208v 10 AMP single phase 50/60 cycle
  • Pneumatic: 100 psi minimum air pressure
  • Linear Actuator:
    • X-Axis: Belt
    • Y-Axis: Belt
  • Machine Floor Space: 5’10” x 7’4”
  • Weight: Approx. 650 lbs.
  • Material Size: 17”x32”
  • Interior Dimensions: 17.7”x31.5”
  • Outside Dimensions: 37.4”x24.2”
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CNC Quilter 5432

  • 54” x 32” | 1400mm x 800mm
  • Required Power: 208v 10 AMP single phase 50/60 cycle
  • Pneumatic: 100 psi minimum air pressure
  • Linear Actuator:
    • X-Axis: 1 Ball Screw
    • Y-Axis: 1 Ball Screw
  • Machine Floor Space: 9′ 6” x 7′ 2”
  • Weight: Approx. 1,900 lbs.
  • Standard Fixture
  • Fixture Size:
    • Material Size: 54” x 32”
    • Interior Dimensions: 52” x 29.5”
    • Outer Dimensions: 62” x 39.5”
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CNC Quilter 5436 Rotating Head

  • The 360 degree Rotating Sewing Head keeps the needle on the trajectory of motion. This allows for the best possible stitch formation and accuracy.
    • High-speed Sercos based digital servo motors and drives
    • State of the art vision system to sew perforated materials – optional
    • Laser cutter – optional
    • The fixture size designed to fit the industry standard 54” roll-length of vinyl and poly-foam
  • 54” x 36” | 1400mm x 900mm
  • Required Power: 208 Volt AC, 20 Amp, Single Phase, 60 Hz
  • Pneumatic: 100 psi minimum air pressure
  • Linear Actuator:
    • X-Axis: 1 Ball Screw
    • Y-Axis: 2 Ball Screw
  • Machine Floor Space: 9′ 7” x 8′ 6”
  • Weight: Approx. 2,300 lbs.
  • Standard Fixture
  • Fixture Size:
    • Material Size: 54”x32”
    • Interior Dimensions: 52”x29.5”
    • Outer Dimensions: 62”x39.5”
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CNC Quilting Machine Features

  • HMI industrial grade interface touch panel
  • Industrial grade solid state PC
  • Color touch screen operator interface
  • Self-diagnostics system
  • Automatic bobbin changer – optional
  • High-speed lockstitch industrial sewing machine
  • Underbed thread trimmer
  • Thread break detection
  • Thread break recovery system
  • Toggle frame-clamping system
  • 25 FREE patterns
  • Safety light curtain – optional
  • Safety gating – optional

Pattern Creation And Modification

Patterns are created and modified with your choice of CAD system. Patterns are saved as .dxf files and can be imported and exported at any time.

Anti-Collision System

Our CNC Quilters contain on-board, automatic anti-collision systems that verify patterns are safe to run.

Barcode Identification System

Frames are identified with a barcode number system. Once a frame's barcode is scanned, only patterns matching that size frame will be allowed for selection.

Product Output Tracking

Product output is tracked by the machine on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This information can easily be exported.

AC Servo Motors

Motion is controlled by AC servo motors that require little-to-no maintenance and are long lasting, allowing our CNC Quilters to be used for continuous product output.

Automatic Lubrication System

An on-board lubrication system keeps all major components of the sewing machine well lubricated for extended use and long life.

25 Free Patterns

Our CNC Quilting Machines are accompanied by an exclusive collection of 25 complimentary quilting patterns. Designed to complement the machine’s precision and versatility. From timeless classics to contemporary designs, our curated selection caters to diverse applications. Use our complimentary patterns or, if you seek something truly unique, request a custom pattern to be drawn by one of our experts.

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Embroidery Upgrade

Discover a new dimension of innovation with our exclusive patented embroidery software upgrade. Take your products to new heights, elevate your brand, and explore the boundless possibilities of embroidery, seamlessly integrated with our state-of-the-art quilting technology. Embrace the future of textile enhancement with precision and sophistication.

Customer Showcase

Browse our customer showcase, featuring completed products by skilled professionals who have harnessed the power of our cutting-edge CNC Quilting Machines. From precision stitching in Marine applications to automotive upholstery transformations, witness the potential of our advanced technology.

Why Choose an ABM Quilting Machine?

Experience unparalleled reliability with the ABM International CNC Quilter, proudly manufactured in the USA. Our precision-engineered machines embody American quality, ensuring years of maintenance-free operation, backed by 24/7 availability of technicians for remote login and online support. Benefit from our extensive 80 years of quilting expertise, with access to our corporate design team to create intricate patterns tailored to your needs. Our commitment extends further with regional-based, factory-trained technicians available for seamless installation and dedicated after-sales service at your location, ensuring your satisfaction every step of the way.


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