Dahmen Multi-Needle Quilting Machines

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Dahmen Multi-Needle Chain-Stitch

The multi needle double chain-stitch machine CHAINTRONIC 4 is developed for the mattress and bedding industry to perform efficiently the high requirements regarding productivity, stitch quality, pattern variety and reliability.

The double chain-stitch is formed from the multiple intertwining of top and lower thread. The lower thread is not entirely sent through the top thread loop as opposed to the double lock-stitch. This allows the use of big size yarn spools on both sides.

  • 1.400 Stitches per minute
  • Machine Dimensions:
    • CHAINTRONIC 100” | 3.910 mm
    • CHAINTRONIC 130” | 4.670 mm

Upper Drive Concept: The completely reengineered upper drive concept allows higher quilting speed over 1.400 stitches per minute and is designed for production demanding industries.

Dahmen Multi-Needle Lock-Stitch

The FASTTRONIC 2 is the most advanced multineedle lock-stitch quilting machine. It contains all the best features and technologies.

The lock-stitch uses an upper and lower thread which entwines together in the hole in the fabric which they pass through. Since the entire loser thread must be sent through the loop of the top thread, the capacity on the lower side is limited as you cannot put a big spool through a small loop.

  • 600+ Stitches per minute
  • Machine Dimensions:
    • FASTTRONIC 100” | 3.910 mm
    • FASTTRONIC 130” | 4.670 mm

Upper Drive Concept: The completely re-engineered upper drive concept allows higher quilting speed over 600 stitches per minute and is the worldwide most productive lock-stitch machine with 1” needle spacing.

  • Shuttle Drive EVOLUTION 2 for less wear and tear.
  • Identic seam-optic on upper and lower material side.


  • 360 Quilting Range
  • 40% Faster than standard machines
  • Completely new upper drive concept
  • Automatic top thread trimming at tack-and-jump patterns.
  • Pneumatic Needle Spreader
    • The pneumatic needle spreader improves the pattern precision significantly. The spreaders are positioned directly in front and behind of the quilting area to maintain the material spread especially at the outer needle positions Even during backward quilting the material maintains spread because the direction of the needles change automatically to the programmed pattern.
  • Top and bottom thread monitoring
    • Electronic and noise-free top and bottom thread monitoring system.
  • Pneumatic Reverse Bar
    • Pneumatic reverse bars for fast and easy top material changes.
  • Shock Absorbers
    • Shock absorbers eliminate the transfer of machines vibrations.
  • Pneumatic Thread Tensioner
    • Pneumatic Thread tensioners eliminate the top-thread breaks for tack-and-jump quilts by reducing the thread tension during the jump.
  • Active Press plate
    • The active presser plates ensure the best quilting results independent of the thickness of the material. Even seral layers of foam can be quilted reliably.

Looper Alignment System

The automatic looper alignment system ensures higher reliability even at extreme sideways movements and even by the use of thin needles.

Press Plate Adjustment

Easy and tool-free adjustment of the press plate height by using the hand wheel even during quilting.

High Pattern Precision

by the use of pneumatic needle spreader that improves the sewing precision of difficult pattern significantly.

High Reliability

Optimized top-thread guiding down to the needles for higher reliability and stitch quality even at extreme quilting speed.

Computer Controlled Looper Alignment

The automatic loop alignment system ensures improved stitch consistency even at extreme sideways movements and even by the use of thin needles.

Continuous Motion

Continuous Motion of all axes to reduce noise emission and to extend the lifetime of all moving parts.

Material Tub

Fast and easy one-man-operation for material changes