Vertical Robo-Quilter

Vertical ROBO Quilter

Experience the world's first fully automatic vertical quilting machine.

The state-of-the-art Robo-Quilter redefines efficiency, utilizing only 1/6 of the floor space compared to conventional panel quilters. Maximize your workspace with an 80% floor space savings, reduce labor costs by 75%, and boost your production by 25%. Embrace the future of quilting with the unparalleled performance and compact design of the Vertical Robo-Quilter.

Vertical Robo-Quilter

Vertical Robo-Quilter

  • Floor Space: 5’ x 17’
  • Weight: 10,500 lbs.
  • Sew Speeds: Up to 4,500 SPM
  • Gantry Transport Speed: Up to 1,000 IPM
  • Standard Frame Size: 120” x 110”
  • Max. Material Size: 120” x 110”
  • Max. Sewing Line: 128” x 128”
  • Max. Axis Speed: 1,000 IPM
  • 220 Volts Three Phase, 20 amps
  • 100 PSI at 2.5 CFM
  • Interface: Windows 10 Embedded IoT Pentium-based PC
  • 128 GB Hard Drive
  • USB 3.0
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Completed Comforter Load Sequence

Completed Comforter Load Sequence

After the product is indexed into the sewing position, the quilt cycle can begin. The machine automatically backtacks at the start and finish of the pattern, with many different patterns available—from simple continuous to complex tack and jump. When tack and jump is utilized, the Robo Quilter automatically backtacks and trims the thread at every start and stop. After the sewing cycle, the product is automatically indexed and folded in half, allowing the operator to remove it effortlessly.
Automatic Bobbin Changer

Automatic Bobbin Changer

Robo Quilter is the only machine available with a fully automatic bobbin changer. The machine tracks the number of products that can be sewn per bobbin, and every time a bobbin is fully utilized, it automatically removes and discards the empty bobbin while inserting a new one. The changer holds up to 8 bobbins, and when the carousel is emptied, the operator can quickly and easily replace it with a full one.
Color Touch Screen Operator Interface

Color Touch Screen Operator Interface

The Robo Quilter is equipped with a user-friendly color touch screen operator interface. The programming computer is a standard PC using a Windows 10 IoT embedded operating system. Standard CAD systems are available for pattern generation.

100+ Free Patterns

Our ROBO Quilter includes 100 complimentary quilting patterns. Explore our complimentary patterns or, if you seek something truly unique, request a custom pattern to be drawn by one of our experts.

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Customer Showcase

Browse our customer showcase, featuring completed products by skilled professionals who have harnessed the power of our cutting-edge CNC Quilting Machines. From precision stitching in Marine applications to automotive upholstery transformations, witness the potential of our advanced technology.

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