Hashima Auto Cutter

ABM International has built its reputation by providing high caliber machinery and superior customer service.


Ideal for cutting:

  • Woven, Knit, Demin materials.
  • Lingerie, Car Seats, Furniture.

Belt Type Sharpening

Belt grinding method is used to maintain optimal sharpness at all times. The system automatically notifies you when its time to replace the sharpening belt.

Easy Maintenance

Designed with a simple structure, customers can easily maintain the machine themselves.

Knife Width Auto-Measurement Device

Constantly recognize changes in the blade width after grinding and perform accurate cutting with the automatic knife cutting device.

Eco & Proper Vacuum Pressure By Inverter Control

The auto vacuum pressure control consistently maintains the present pressure value during auto cutting. Even materials that are prone to air leaks after cutting are fixed properly by the auto pressure control with quick recovery, enabling accurate cutting.

Easy Operation

The current operating status is always converted into data as a report, allowing maintenance staff to grasp the machine status by simply referring to the file. The next operation to be performed by the operator is displayed on the screen, and cutting can be easily performed by simply answering Yes/No questions.